Copper cathode

Copper cathode 1. Purity 99.97% -99.99% 2. Weight per sheet: 125 kg (+/- 1%) 3. Net weight per pallet: 2 tons (+/- 1%) 4. Minimum per container Weight: about 20 metric tons gross weight per container: about 22.20mts. 5. Size: 914mm * 914mm * 12mm Classification: Copper description description Chemical composition element value element Copper copper minimum 99.97% silicon dioxide silicon 0.3ppm or less Cobalt Co., Ltd. maximum 0.2ppm bismuth double 0.1ppm lead content maximum 0.2p

Copper Cathodes


Classification: Copper

1. Purity 99.97%-99.99%

2. Weight of each paper: 125 kg (+/- 1%)

3. Net weight of each pallet: 2 tons (+/- 1%)

4. Minimum weight of each container: about 20 metric tons

Gross weight of each container: about 22.20mts.

5. Size: 914mm*914mm*12mm

Product Description


Electric light industry, machinery manufacturing, Building industry ,defense industry, and other fields Manufacturing industrial .valves and fittings,Instrument sliding bearing.

Chemical composition

Cu(min %)    99.99    

fe/ppm    2    

O2/ppm    0    

Ag/ppm    10    

Pb/ppm    0.2    

Ni/ppm    0.2    

Se/ppm    0.3    

Sb/ppm    0.1    

Si/ppm    0.3    

Co/ppm    0.2    

Bi/ppm    0.1    

Mn/ppm    0.1    

Te/ppm    0.05    

Al/ppm    0.5    

Mg/ppm    0.4    

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