Zinc alloy ingot

Zinc alloy ingot Zamak # 2 / # 3 / # 5 Molecular formula: ZnZn (purity): 98.7% -99.995% Molecular weight: 65.39 Density: 7.14 (g / cm3) Application range: Zamak # 2: Used for machinery for general mechanical parts Performance, high hardness requirements, dimensional accuracy requirements have special requirements Zamak # 3: good fluidity and mechanical properties. Zamak # 5 for castings with low mechanical strength requirements: good fluidity and good mechanical properties. For castings with specific requirements on mechanical strength. Category: Zinc DescriptionDescription Zinc Ingot (GB

Product Details

Product name:Zinc alloy ingot Zamak #2/#3/#5
Application :
Zamak #2:Used to have special requirements for mechanical properties, high hardness requirements, dimensional accuracy requirements of the general mechanical parts
Zamak #3:Good fluidity and mechanical properties. Used in castings with low mechanical strength requirements
Zamak #5:Good fluidity and good mechanical properties. Used in castings with certain requirements for mechanical strength.

Zinc ingot (GB/T470-1997)
Standard chemical compositionAlCuMgFePbCdSnZn
Zamak 23.8 ~ 4.32.7 ~ 3.30.035 ~ 0.06<0.020<0.003<0.003<0.001other
Zamak 33.8 ~ 4.3<0.0300.035 ~ 0.06<0.020<0.003<0.003<0.001other
Zamak 53.8 ~ 4.30.7 ~ 1.10.035 ~ 0.06<0.020<0.003<0.003<0.001other

1.Mainly used for die-casting alloy battery industry.
2.Widely used in Painting/ Printing/Dyeing/pharmaceutical/rubber industry etc.
3.Chemical industries, zinc and other metal alloy plating coating industry. 
4.In zinc plating, manufacture of brass, maganese bronze, galvanized iron, dry battery; as catalyst and reducing agent.



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